Explore the Middle East from our hand-picked selection of luxury hotels.

The Arabian Gulf has so much to offer and should be high up on the becket list of holiday destinations. One of the most popular holiday destinations in the Middle East is Dubai. Dubai is steeped in ancient history and Arabic culture, with modern and sci-fi-like architecture that is something to behold.

In contrast, Oman offers up a history-lovers playground with plenty of museums and ancient forts in the historic capital of Muscat. For those sun seekers, there are miles of beautiful beaches, delicious Qatari cuisine and plenty of shops. Another option for a more relaxed holiday is up on the Persian Gulf where you’ll find Qatar. Our selection of hotels in Doha offer the finest 5-star luxury with amazing spas, water sports and so much more.

A|so in our Middle East portfolio is Abu Dhabi, boasting a fine blend of luscious gardens, stark desert and plenty of shopping opportunities. This is one of the more diverse locations that we can recommend for a trip that satisfies everyone’s holiday requirements.

Explore this section of our hand-picked 5-star hotels for that perfect Middle East getaway.

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